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School Issue Tipline (S.I.T. Line)

IWCS School Issue Tipline (S.I.T.)


As part of a continuous effort to ensure safety throughout our community, IWCS has activated a School Issue Tipline (S.I.T. line). This line is for students, parents, all division employees and community residents who wish to report situations that may pose a threat to the safety or well-being of our students, 
staff, or schools. The tipline will be checked daily and calls will be referred to the appropriate school administrator/IOW law enforcement official as needed. All calls will remain confidential; however, if callers want to be contacted, they may leave a telephone number where they can be reached. Issues that should be reported include: School Violence (weapons, bomb threats fights, vandalism, theft, gang activity), Physical/ Sexual Abuse or Harassment, Discrimination and Drug/Alcohol use & abuse. All emergencies and imminent threats should be reported immediately via 911.