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Principal's Message

When my oldest daughter was studying to get her learner’s permit, we discussed hand positions on the steering wheel and she didn’t know about “10 and 2.” Molly made it clear to me that the correct hand position is now “8 and 4." Why? Because she’s growing up in the era of airbags, which weren’t around when I was learning to how to drive my stepfather's manual Datsun pick-up.


When you know better you should do better.


Back in March 2020 when our world was upended, I started doing the best I knew: We isolated our mail and Amazon deliveries for days before touching them; we pivoted to Walmart pickup and kept the bags of groceries quarantined, too; we did church online and eventually dared to attend outside services; we had no visitors in our house for months, not even my parents.


Back when the pandemic was new to us, we did the best we knew.

As we have learned more, we are doing better.


At CAES we're doing things differently because we know better after last year.

  • We'll keep wearing masks inside.
  • We’ll distance by three feet as possible.
  • We’ll continue promoting hand-cleaning.
  • We’ll allow students to share materials.
  • We won’t be sanitizing desks and manipulatives between classes.
  • We’re going from over 200 virtual students to just 6! (Seems like caregivers are doing better after what they learned, too!)


Author, actor, and activist Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Hopefully as you move through life, you are learning things about yourself and about your sphere of influence that are making you better. This is my hope and expectation for the Carrollton Elementary staff as we capitalize on the wonderful opportunity to help our Cardinals know better so they, too, can do better.


See us SOAR!

Mr. B

Mr. Robert D. Brennan