VDOE Releases Winter Virginia Growth Assessment Parent Reports

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) announced the release of a new Parent Report covering the results of this year’s Winter Virginia Growth Assessments (VGA). Designed to provide parents additional insight into their child’s individual performance at this point in the school year, the report is available to parents whose children completed the Winter VGA.
Designed to provide a snapshot of their child’s progress at this point in the year, the Parent Report ties together the child’s Fall Growth Assessment score and the current winter results to show the current trend in the child’s academic progress this year. The Parent Report also clearly informs parents if their child’s test scores show that the child needs additional support, is considered at-risk of falling behind, or if the child is generally well prepared at this point of the school year.
The state testing window for Winter VGA began November 27, 2023, and continues through February 16, 2024. After a school division has completed the assessments, Parent Reports will be available to parents of children who are enrolled in Grades 3-8 mathematics and Grades 3-8 reading classes. Isle of Wight County Schools will send home information to elementary and middle school families on February 13 with the distribution of report cards. The letter from the division will explain how to access their child’s growth assessment report through the online portal.
“It is extremely important that parents have an accurate understanding of where their child stands at this point of the school year,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Coons. “As I have listened to parents across the commonwealth, I have heard their desire to have more understandable information on how their child is performing in school. I want to make sure parents have the information they need, and that they are empowered to work with their child’s teacher to help their child meet or exceed their grade-level expectations.”
An example of the new Parent Report as well as additional resources for parents can be found on the Parent & Caregiver Resources for Assessments webpage on the VDOE website at https://www.doe.virginia.gov/teaching-learning-assessment/student-assessment/parent-caregiver-resources-for-growth-assessments.
"By providing an easy-to-read performance graphic along with resources families can use at home, the new VGA Parent Report empowers parents and students to understand academic performance, set goals together, and track progress over time," said Jenna Alexander, President of the Virginia PTA.
The Winter VGA Parent Report is another in a series of resources created for parents by the VDOE’s recently launched Office of Parent Engagement. The Office of Parent Engagement is an initiative of the VDOE focused on supporting parents with the information, resources, and answers to their questions about their child’s education and helping them understand the importance of working closely with their child’s teacher to help ensure academic success.