"Leave a Legacy" Sponsorship Opportunity!

The PTA has recognized a need to improve the outdoor common areas for our students. Please consider this sponsorship opportunity to support Carrollton Elementary School and "Leave a Legacy."

A local Boy Scout, Seth Baker, has volunteered to build eight picnic tables for our school as a beautification effort for his Eagle Scout Project. We are looking for sponsors to help us raise money to build these tables. There are three options for sponsorships:

Silver: $25 Sponsor a Board

Gold: : $100 Sponsor 1/2 of a Picnic Table

Platinum: $200 Sponsor a Picnic Table

To honor our sponsors, a plaque commemorating the donors' names will be displayed in the school lobby. Donations can be made through Thursday, June 16th, 2022.

Please take advantage of this opportunity and leave your legacy at Carrollton Elementary School.

Link to donate and "Leave a Legacy:" https://carrollton.memberhub.com/store/items/712500