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CAES Weekly Updates » CAES Weekly Updates: May 2022

CAES Weekly Updates: May 2022

Carrollton Weekly Update   5/7/2022



Have you seen the Virginia license plate that states, “Education Begins at Home”? I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment and not just because the DMV said it. First steps, first words, bike riding, table manners, money management, defensive driving, substance abuse – these are the lessons that should be taught at home. Kindness, responsibility, integrity, respect, tenacity – these are just a few more. Novelist and comic book writer Brad Meltzer observed, “No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us”; for some who look back at our own childhoods, that can be a scary concept but for all of us who look forward at our children, it can be even scarier! What a huge responsibility to be that first teacher, that first coach, that first role model of what an adult – a human – is supposed to be like. I taught a lot of high schoolers who enjoyed the class project that required them to keep an egg “alive” as if it were their baby; I actually egg-sat for a student when she had softball practice. But parenting is about more than not dropping kids and making a big mess: Parenting is about teaching the next generation how to live responsibly and productively in the world that we’re leaving them and how to leave it better for the grandbabies we’ll get to spoil! Being a father/mother/caregiver is about educating our progeny about right from wrong, good from better. Yes, what teachers do in school for eight hours a day, five days a week, nine months out of the year has value and long-lasting impact, but it’s the instruction you provide at home – whether intentionally through your invested effort or unintentionally through their casual observations – it’s that education that will largely determine what type of adult your children will become. On behalf of all the educators that will come into contact with your children between now and the time they finish their schooling, it is greatly appreciated when you take seriously your responsibilities to provide a quality education at home. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all who bear the responsibility of Mom so well!

Mr. B.



I can’t say it enough: I am so appreciative of the Carrollton Elementary staff! These are some of the hardest working, most kid-centered, consummate professionals I’ve had the privilege to team with in my 30+ years of school work. 

I’m thankful to IWCS Parks and Recreation Director Mr. David Smith for allowing our 3rd graders to be a part of “creating” a new playground for Nike Park. He sent us catalogs to gather ideas about what features they would like to see, shared those with the playground designers, and then let the students vote on their favorite renderings. 

On behalf of a very grateful, very well-fed staff, thank you to our PTA officers and the volunteers who made a relaxing lunch Monday possible! It was a perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the great food from Aloha Cravings and Mrs. Burnett’s cupcakes!

Thank you to Chiles Mason of Equitable, Samone and the YMCA crew, QDaddy’s, School Board member Rene Dial and family, and Harbour View Chick-fil-A for their kindness and generosity this past week!

Cool Cardinal Café winners for the week: Mrs. Sante’s kindergarteners, Ms. Booth’s 1st graders, Mr. Evans’ 2ndgraders, and a tie between Mrs. Cutrell’s and Mr. Sciarrotta’s 3rd graders. Mr. Evans’ students earned best overall and will get the Golden Spoon to display in their room!



PTA General Meeting via Zoom:

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:

  • Thank you so much to our volunteers for making our Teacher Appreciation Luncheon possible and to "Aloha Cravings" for serving our teachers and amazing lunch! We raised over $850 for our Teacher Appreciation Gift Drive and have enough money left over to give our teachers a special treat at the end of the school year! Thank you so much to those families that donated!
  • Thank you to the volunteers who helped with our Teacher Appreciation Luncheon: Angie Wallace, Jason & Kate Burnett, Brianna Benning, Becky Hemmis, Stephanie Zwick, Kim Thomsen, Gregory Jones, Davida Stevenson, Johanna Wiggins, Rebecca Gray, Sara Barnes, Meghan Cosby, Tiffany Kole, Brittany Groff, Melissa Hopper, Allison Sukolics, Justine Robert, Christina Gray, Cat Breckenridge, Danielle George, Tiffany Walker, Sandra Huie, Tamara Smith-Thomas, Tameka Robinson and anyone else we may have missed! THANK YOU!

SPRING BOOK FAIR with Usborne Books & More:

Thank you so much for supporting this Spring's Usborne Books & More Book Fair! 50% of the sales from the book fair will be used to purchase books that go directly back to our school, which means we were able to give $7,288 in FREE BOOKS to our school! 

We also had $250 donated to provide books for students in need, and thanks to the generosity of Usborne Books & More, that $250 actually provided $375 worth of books to those children! 

Thank you to those families who donated money to the Usborne Book Fair for students in need! We had over $250 donated and Usborne Books & More matched half of that to have a total of $375 of books donated to students in need at CAES! THANK YOU! Thank you to our book fair volunteers: The Bogard Family, The Burnett Family, Angie Wallace, Stephanie Zwick, Kim Thomsen, Ashleigh Jedlowski, Elizabeth Chandler, Johanna Wiggins, Johnathan Hardee, Sherri Mitra, Brianna Benning, Becky Hemmis, Christina Gray, Diane Butler, Rykeshia Haywood, Tiffany & Carole Kole, Cat Breckenridge, Sarah Rowe, Ruth Cummings, Lorel Marshall, Tiffany Walker, Danielle George, Sarah Dale, Grayson Rowland, Aubrey LeCompte, Karen Waldrup, Lauren Gaskins, Nisha Everson and anyone else we may have missed...THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn't have done this without you!


We’re experiencing a new mini-pandemic – of Pokemon cards! Please have your children leave their trading cards at home so they won’t get lost/stolen/distracting here. I’ll be directing the staff to “impound” any cards that become a concern to be returned at the end of the day. 

Field Day is June 9 and afternoon volunteers are very much needed. Thank you for your support and willingness to help! Information about field day and volunteer forms have been sent home, so please check in your child's folder and contact Mrs. Madden via email at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Field Day T-shirts will be available for purchase until May 13. Order forms were sent home with your child sobe sure to check their folders! Please make sure to read carefully and fill out the order form correctly since there are three color options. Checks should be made out to CAES and exact payment if using cash. There is also an online option available on our website. These items will only be sold for a limited time and can be worn the day of the event so don’t wait – order now!  (This is totally optional and students do not need a field day shirt to participate.)

Mrs. Hall will gladly take your empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls again to be used for Engineering projects. 

Spring Portrait ordering info:

Class photos can still be ordered!

  •  Online ordering only; please read the instructions on the login page.
  • Ordering Link: 
  • Photo orders will ship directly to the address you provide (not to the school).

Our School Board is seeking your input on the qualifications you would like to see in our division’s new superintendent. The Board has created a survey related to superintendent criteria, which is availableat, and on the home page of the IWCS website. Hard copies of the survey are also be available at the school board administration offices and at each school – we have copies in our office.


5/8       Mother’s Day

5/11     Nurses Day (new date)

5/13     Interim reports sent home

5/16     Our 3rd graders will take a trip to Westside to see what 4th grade is like.

5/19     Math 3 SOL assessment

5/24     Reading 3, part 1 SOL assessment

5/25     Reading 3, part 2 SOL assessment

5/27     Red, White, & Blue Day to honor those who have served in the military

5/30     No school: Memorial Day

6/9       Field Day!

6/10     No school: Staff clerical day





Contact Tracing -- The Virginia Department of Health is no longer conducting contact tracing in most circumstances, stating that “Omicron is now the most common COVID-19 variant and is spreading so quickly, it is not possible or fruitful to track every case.” VDH is now focusing efforts on the follow-up of outbreaks and cases in high-risk settings, as well as promoting disease prevention and mitigation strategies. Based on this change, and in collaboration with the Western Tidewater Health District, Isle of Wight County Public Schools will no longer conduct contact tracing for individual cases in our schools.

Isolation -- Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate at home for five days from the date of the positive test or onset of symptoms, whichever occurs first. They may return to school on day 6 if they have been fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication and symptoms are improving. Those who return to school on day six must wear a well-fitting mask for five days.  If parents do not want their child to wear a mask on days 6-10, they can choose to keep their child home for 10 days.


  • Students who are currently at home as a result of being identified as a close contact may return to school on Tuesday if they are asymptomatic and fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Parents may also choose for their child to fulfill the entire quarantine period if they desire and communicate this with the school.
  • If a student learns they are a close contact to someone with COVID-19, no quarantine is required as long as they have no symptoms and are fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication.
  • Note: If your child is identified as being exposed to an outbreak, school staff will reach out with further guidance, which could include quarantine. The number of students exposed to an outbreak is typically small.

The school division will continue to review and update its mitigation strategies to keep our staff and students safe and our schools open for the remainder of the school year. 

The CDC recommends that people remain up to date with their vaccines, which includes additional doses for individuals who are immunocompromised or booster doses at regular time points. Individuals who are moderately or severely immunocompromised should get an additional primary shot and a booster shot.